Prayers for the Sick and Hurting

The Prayer Wall is a special place where you can come and submit your intentions or pray for the intentions submitted by others.

All intentions submitted will be printed and placed on the alter at our next retreat.

Please submit your intentions for those who are struggling with pain from illness or addiction:


2 Responses to “Prayers for the Sick and Hurting”
  1. Ralph says:

    Mary, Mother of all mothers, watch over the Hild Family and help John Hild Sr. in this difficult time. Allow them to share in the comfort of your love and compassion.

    St. Joesph, answer my calling once again and melt away the blight of this horrible illness that lives in this good man. Spare this family and this great man as he continues to do your work as he has done throughout his life saving the lives of others.


  2. Ralph says:

    Please pray for Larry G that he will make a speedy recovery and return to retreat next year healthy.

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