Prayers for Your Special Intentions

The Prayer Wall is a special place where you can come and submit your intentions or pray for the intentions submitted by others.

All intentions submitted will be printed and placed on the alter at our next retreat.

To submit your Special Intentions, scroll to the bottom of this page and use the submission form. To minimize abuse of the system, each intention will be reviewed by a moderator before being posted for public view on our site. Please allow up to 24 hours for this process.


4 Responses to “Prayers for Your Special Intentions”
  1. Jeannie says:

    Please pray for my special intentions and the special intentions of my family.

  2. D says:

    Prosperity, health, love and forgiveness. Thank You!

  3. Deacon Phil says:

    for peace throughout the world and may our Country’s leaders return the nation to God

  4. Tim says:

    Please pray for my mother Dana, recently she had a stroke and very ill now.
    Father, please take care of my mother and help her to fully recover.
    Also please pray for me. I really,really need help.
    After eight years of battling alcoholism and depression, I’m trying to get my life back, but everything seems
    so grey and empty now. I feel, I don’t have any purpose to live anymore. I feel lost and in despair now.
    I need God to enlighten me and show my way in life. Help me to find the job best suited for me,
    the place to live and purpose to live.
    Thank you

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