Pete Fantacone – DDay; In Memory of the Fallen

There are heroes among us. Some sit quietly, some speak boldly, all are deserving of our prayers. This year on retreat one of our very own heroes, Pete Fantacone will be speaking on Saturday evening in the St. Joe’s Library.  Pete will be celebrating his 50th retreat this year as he shares with us his first-hand experiences of the invasion of Normandy on D-Day 1944. His presentation will give you pause as you reflect on the courage of great Americans that had fallen and the honor of those who live to tell the story.

Join Pete and your fellow Six-Three heroes and countrymen as we relive D-Day and share in general discussion regarding the events of the day.  St. Joe’s Library – 9:45pm Saturday evening.


One Response to “Pete Fantacone – DDay; In Memory of the Fallen”
  1. Ralph says:

    Pete, you have a great story to tell. I look forward to your new material.

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