Recruit with ID cards!

Start recruiting with ID cards!

We continue to emphasize the concept of “Bring a Man”. If each recruiter were to bring one new man in addition to his normal recruiting effort, we would be successful from this effort alone.  To help facilitate this process each recruiter received five awareness cards that can be used by you and members of your group to help recruit. Use these cards to introduce your friends and family to Six Three and Malvern. ID Card Front ID Card Front ID Card Back ID Card Back

The front of the ID card prominently displays the website url and a grapic of the Pieta shrine which was reconditioned and dedicated to Malvern by the Six Three Group in 2010.

The rear face of the ID card also shows the website url along with an inspirational call-to-action to come and join us. In addition, it features a convenient QR code link to our website so that mobile users can easily scan and visit our site using their mobile device during a break,  while communting or when relaxing at home with their iPad or tablet.