2013 Wrap-up

Gentlemen, we hope that you enjoyed your 2013 retreat. We invite you to complete two very short online surveys to help us provide evaluate if our 2013 retreat was able to meet your spiritual needs. We appreciate your feedback! Prosit!

1. Please rate the the Saturday afternoon conference with our special guest speaker Christine Wittman MA, LPC:
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2. Please rate your Retreat Director.  Fr. Richard S. Bennett CSsR  or  Fr. Franics Sirolli, OSA.
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Also, please feel free to join in online discussion regarding your experience (below):


7 Responses to “2013 Wrap-up”
  1. Ralph says:

    To those who joined us this year, thanks! Personally, I had one of the best retreats I’ve had in years. Fr. Bennett was amazing!!! The man is so brave to share his deepest most personal feelings with all of us so that we may grow spiritually. One of the best spiritual leaders I’ve experienced at Malvern in 15 years. God Bless the Men of Six Three and thanks to the team of men that make it happen.

  2. christopher says:

    thank you to the six three group, this year was my first retreat, and i felt welcomed by all, i also want
    to thank my Uncle Don for inviting me to the retreat, it was a wonderful blessing that he has giving me.
    Fr. Bennett was another gift from God, his reaching into the heart and sharing God’s love was something i
    had never experienced before. My only problem is that i do not want to wait another year before i go to retreat
    again, so man of the six three group, tnank you, and God bless

  3. Mark DeFeo says:

    Christine Wittman was a fabulous speaker. She talked about how to use spiritual principles in our relationships. I like her suggestions.

  4. Mark DeFeo says:

    The priest I heard was good except I just wish I had a better attention span at the times that the people made their talks.

  5. Jay Lorenzo says:

    Fr Bennett is what I look for on a weekend like this. It but you in a place that you had hoped you would get to before the weekend started. He should be brought back next year.

  6. Ralph says:

    Hey Jay, you might like this… an article Fr. wrote last year..

    Habits of the Heart

  7. Anthony says:

    I thought Fr. Bennett was very engaging and had some great messages to deliver. He definitely made an impression on my son and nephews. His use of technology and popular culture was well executed and added to his message.

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