Lighten Your Load

If you are feeling tired and weary, perhaps now would be a good time to lighten your load. There are many burdens you can get rid of that you’ll easily be able to live without.

Start by abandoning all your resentments. Each resentment costs an enormous amount of time and energy, and provides absolutely nothing of value in return.

Next, you can walk away from anxiety. All the anxiety in the world cannot add a single positive moment to your life.

Let go of the need to prove that you are right. Instead, use the time and energy to more effectively listen and understand.

While you’re at it, go ahead and leave behind your envy, anger, impatience and frustration. After all, what have they ever done for you?

Dropping the burdensome negativity from your life is ridiculously easy once you realize how much it’s holding you back.

Lighten your load, and move forward to where you truly wish to be.

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