A Letter From 2016 C.A. Captain Mark Angelo

Dear Retreatants,

I am honored to have been chosen as this years C.A. Captain and am looking forward to seeing everyone for our 95th Annual Six-Three Spiritual Retreat at St. Joseph’s in the Hills, Malvern Retreat House.

Our Six-Three Group will hold its annual retreat this year as follows:

Friday JUNE 17, 2016 through Sunday JUNE 19, 2016 – Register Now

In recent years we have been able to provide spiritual speakers and presentations from high quality, inspirational persons. It is our goal this year to continue to provide the highest quality guest presenters for the men of the Six-Three Group.

We are excited to have the former Philadelphia Eagle and current Villanova football commentator Kevin Reilly as our guest speaker. He has an amazing story of faith and courage and has presented to many business organizations and Catholic groups. Click here for more on Kevin.

Our Retreat Directors this year will be Fr. Joseph Corley ….he has received great reviews for his past retreats.

Online reservations can be made by visiting our “Quick Registration” page on this site. I am encouraging you to inform your Men and get a jump on Registering for this year’s Retreat on-line. The first 225 reservations will be assigned a room in advance with all others being handled upon arrival.

The cost for this year’s Retreat is $245. We continue to offer a free-will Retreat without requesting mandatory payments; however, as you know the times have been tough on some of us and costs of our Retreat have not been self funded. Revenues from Development, other Malvern retreat programs and outside group rentals have helped make up the difference. Your gifts to the Annual Appeal and your generous green envelope contributions will allow us to continue our free-will offering tradition.

Great news! A new Board policy passed in December of 2015 encourages parents and grandparents to bring their children of high school age and younger on retreat at no cost. It asks parents of college age children to consider a free will offering of one hundred dollars. Families that have the means are asked to consider the requested amount.

“Bring A Man” is a concept we have created in an effort raise the total number of Retreatants. Many of us were introduced to Malvern by a Family Member or close Friend. The first year we did it for them; however, we have been coming back for ourselves and the fulfillment we receive each and every year. Please give someone else this gift by inviting them to our Six-Three Retreat!

I look forward to joining you at Malvern on June 17th.
Mark Angelo
C.A. Captain 2016/Six-Three Group


One Response to “A Letter From 2016 C.A. Captain Mark Angelo”
  1. PatrickJ McCabe Jr. says:

    Good Morning Mark,
    Again, congrats on being the weekend face and voice of our group. While its still fresh ,a couple of things the committee might consider for next year. First Fr. Corley was so impressive and I got the feeling that he connected with our group as much as we did with him ,we should consider booking him for next year. This idea may a lien to you younger guys , but there is a precedent. Many years ago,we had a younger priest who really connected with the group, down to earth, even brought his dog on retreat . We had him several years in a row , and only lost his services when he became unavailable , So with the paucity of good retreat masters , we ought to take a look at Fr .Corley again.
    Also the points made by the gentleman (1st timer) at Faith Sharing ,about the immediate benefits of social media should be given high priority. That’s the way to connect with the 40 something ,family oriented, Catholic ,
    man of today. Can t help here , technology is above my pay grade. Prosit ,Pat…

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