Revised Weekend Schedule for 2016

As you may know, 7 years ago in an attempt to improve the overall men’s weekend retreat experience, the Board of Directors selected Dr. Joseph Capista and the Six Three Group to serve as a Pilot Group to investigate and moderate various aspects of the weekend retreat. Over this time period we have seen the introduction of guest speakers as well as a variety  of  subtle program and schedule changes in our weekend retreat. This year we will continue the process and introduce a change in format that we feel is best communicated in advance. Below you will find a link to our new weekend retreat schedule for 2016. One significant change is that we plan experience the retreat with a single retreat master, Fr. Joseph Corley. Fr. Corley will deliver retreat conferences in the Upper McShain meeting room. This will leave the Our Lady’s and St. Joesph’s Chapels open (and quite) so that retreatants my use them for private silent reflect.

Recruiters are encouraged to get familiar with the new schedule so that they may answer any questions presented by their recruits and other retreatants.



2 Responses to “Revised Weekend Schedule for 2016”
  1. Bob Hehn says:

    The 2916 Pilot Group Schedule write up doesn’t agree with the write up on the Revised Weekend Schedule for 2016 . The Pilot write up says Our Lady’s conferences will be held in Upper McShain and the St. Joseph’s conferences will be held in the chapel.

    • Six Three says:

      Hi Bob, Thank you for pointing that out.

      We should note that the “2016 Pilot Program Schedule” applies to ALL men’s weekends that are participating in the Pilot Program. At this time there is about a half dozen.

      For our retreat we will have one retreat master, Fr. Joseph Corley. Fr. Corley will deliver all conferences in Upper McShain at the times listed on the schedule. These will be combined conferences for both Our Lady’s and St. Joseph’s side retrreatants.

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